15 Jul


Soutenance de thèse : Kritsadi THETPRAPHI

« Development  of  Electroactive  Polymer  Actuators  for  Next Generation Mirror: Live-Mirror »

15/07/2020 - 9h00 - Amphithéâtre AE2 - Bâtiment Gustave Ferrié de l’INSA Lyon

Doctorant :Kritsadi THETPRAPHI

Laboratoire INSA : LGEF

Ecole doctorale : ED 160  EEA

LiveMetaOptics presented the Exo-life finder (ELF) telescope combined with the hybrid dynamic structure of live and  light  active  mirror  named  as  “Live-mirror”. Recently we reported the idea of active optical surface correction using the advantage of an electromechanical stimulator call electroactive polymers (EAPs) to deform mirror surface in a significant correction scale. EAPs have been currently attracted a great deal of interest in actuator devices.  Thanks  to  their  high  flexibility, easy control, simple integration, and possible to be 3D printed. Such materials seem to be very promising in additive manufacturing whose recent advances become far more widespread and it offers exciting opportunities for future development. Here, we take advantage of the outstanding electromechanical coupling  properties  of  terpolymer  P(VDF-TrFE-CFE), particularly when doped with plasticizer, e.g. Diisononyl phthalate (DINP). This doped terpolymer creates a large strain response as well as excellent mechanical energy density under relatively low electric fields. Live-mirror team, we demonstrated the possibility to create  dynamic  surface  correction  faster  and  at  lower  production  costs.  Moreover, we proposed potentially an upgraded EAP fabrication process by using additive manufacturing via 3D-Printing technology. Full 3D print of modified EAP was formulated with plasticized terpolymer for an active layer and terpolymer/CB composite for printed electrodes. As a result of material modification coupled with 3D printing technology, we can increase productivity while enabling a mass and cost reduction and an increase of the functionality part in terms of the real application.

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